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What can be built on Cyber L2

With Cyber as a social L2, we expect developers to experiment with new monetization methods and value creation on social networks existing in various applications. This is especially interesting as we start to have SocialFi applications where social engagements are converted to economic rewards and centralized platforms charging AI model developers to access and train on social data. Social data are valuable, and Cyber L2 is the value layer for web3 social networks.

Social data on-chain also maximizes composability and encourages reusing the shared data layer. For example, Link3 has been onboarding verified web3 companies and professionals while creating reusable data on-chain, which have been already remixed in other applications. As builders come to Cyber and tap into the network effect to better bootstrap their initial user base, we expect to see a diverse ecosystem of crypto-native applications that combine social elements with DeFi, GameFi, DePIN, AI, etc. More built-in tools like no-code bonding curves and L3 launch toolkit also make the such experiments happen at rapid speed.

Cyber, as an EVM-equivalent L2, does not limit use cases only to social networks. Existing EVM-based applications can run on Cyber without modifications. Compared to other EVM blockchains, Cyber is much cheaper for users, easier to onboard with Smart Account / Account Abstraction and capital efficient with native yield and decentralized sequencer.