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Stage 3 (Q3/Q4 2024)
Launch Decentralized/Shared Sequencer

In the third stage, our primary objective is to bolster network security through the decentralization of the sequencer layer within the Cyber L2. As discussed previously, the reliance on a centralized sequencer poses various risks, including transaction censorship, single points of failure, and potential manipulation of Miner Extractable Value (MEV). To address these concerns, we will implement the dual-stake model across the decentralized sequencer infrastructure, effectively bootstrapping the network and aligning economic incentives with Cyber stakeholders.

Additionally, in this stage, we aim to explore the feasibility of participating in a shared sequencer network to unlock innovative rollup economic models. The adoption of a shared sequencer architecture, exemplified by initiatives like Superchain and Espresso, holds immense potential to introduce a plethora of new use cases, including cross-domain MEV and cross-rollup transactions. This paradigm shift from a multi-chain to a cross-chain architecture signifies a pivotal advancement for Cyber L2, facilitating connectivity with other ecosystems rather than existing as an isolated entity.