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Cyber Staking = Governance + Network Security + Economic Rewards

Staking is not available in restricted countries, including the US, Canada, China, Iran, North Korea, the Syrian Arab Republic, and Cuba.

The launch of the Cyber as a Layer 2 solution on the Ethereum network introduces Cyber Staking, a transformative feature that enables users to stake CYBER tokens, thereby securing the network by adding additional nodes to process transactions, earning voting rights, and receiving economic rewards. This innovative mechanism not only bolsters network security but also democratizes governance, allowing users to actively participate in decision-making processes.

  • Before the Cyber mainnet launch, staked CYBER cannot be unstaked. After the mainnet launch, the unstake process, which is at a CYBER holder’s discretion, will take 21 days.

CYBER stakers along with CYBER holders can propose and vote on governance proposals on the use of community treasury, protocol upgrades, and council members.

Network Security

Sequencers are at the core of a Layer 2 network, a centralized sequencer could have a negative impact, such as censoring user transactions, creating a single point of failure, and creating harmful MEVs. Cyber L2 utilizes EigenLayer's Actively Validated Services (AVS) to build up the fundamental decentralized infrastructures such as sequencer, verifier, and CyberDB. Staked CYBER and restaked ETH are utilized as delegations to different AVS operators running these infrastructures, and a slashing mechanism is implemented to ensure operational integrity, optimize performance and maximize network security.

Economic Rewards

The economic rewards for CYBER stakers comprise four parts:

  1. CYBER Season 2 Rewards
  2. Ecosystem Airdrop
  3. Network Revenues Sharing
  4. CYBER Staking Incentives
1. CYBER Season 2 Rewards

To enhance network security and reward early loyal members of the Cyber community, 1,000,000 CYBER will be allocated to those who stake CYBER during the Season 2 Campaign. The campaign details can be found [here].

2. Ecosystem Airdrop

Cyber attracts top-notch developers who are passionate about creating innovative services and products. The platform offers an ideal environment for these professionals to express their creativity and bring their ideas to life. As the Cyber ecosystem continues to thrive and expand, CYBER stakers enjoy the potential benefits of receiving airdrops and rewards from the ecosystem. These airdrops can serve as incentives, encouraging further participation and engagement within the Cyber community.

Unless stated otherwise, rewards are solely provided by third-party dApp developers. Rewards are not guaranteed with CYBER staking and are subject to change at any time. Your claiming and/or use of any rewards is at your sole risk. By staking Cyber you assume the risk of any damages or losses related to rewards, no party will indemnify or guarantee your rewards and you are solely responsible for the security of your rewards.

3. Network Revenue Sharing

CYBER is staked to AVS operators that run sequencers, verifiers, and CyberDB to enhance Cyber's security. In return, it is intended that CYBER stakers will share the revenue from these services programmatically.

4. Staking Incentives

To ensure ample rewards for CYBER stakers initially and long-term sustainability, a Staking Incentive of 5.5M CYBER has been specifically designed. In the first year following the mainnet launch, 2M CYBER will be distributed to the stakers. The total amount of CYBER incentives will gradually decrease over the subsequent 6 years.

Staking incentives [total 5.5%]