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Cyber L2

Cyber is the first restaked Ethereum Layer 2 designed for social and optimized for mass adoption. It serves as the social layer for web3 applications and the gateway for the next wave of users to access web3 experiences, tools and financial liquidity across all Layer 2 ecosystems. Here are some of the features of Cyber:

  1. Native Smart Account (EOA = AA) with EIP-7560. Taking our learning from building the leading Account Abstraction Wallet, CyberWallet, we make account abstraction native to Cyber L2. We aim to bring EIP-7560 to the mainnet where every EOA will behave like Smart Accounts with native gas sponsorship.
  2. Seedless wallet with EIP-7212. Supporting EIP-7212 brings Passkey and Webauthn cheaply and natively to Cyber without intermediaries. Users can access their wallets with FaceID.
  3. Enshrined Social Graph Protocol powered by CyberGraph and CyberAccount (CyberConnect V3). Any developers can tap into the smart contracts to read, write and compose on the social graph data.
  4. CyberDB, a cheap and efficient decentralized storage powered by EigenLayer AVS. It enables a diverse range of applications to benefit from large scale social data across ecosystems.
  5. Powerful and Ethereum aligned with EigenDA. Much higher TPS than other L2s, and transaction fee costs average 1 cent USD.
  6. Native yield. Bridged ETH, LST, and LRT will earn yield from Ethereum staking and other rewards.
  7. Decentralized sequencer. A decentralized sequencer network secured by CYBER using EigenLayer AVS makes Cyber L2 censorship resistance. The staking reward is distributed to CYBER stakers. The sequencer fee is distributed to node operators, stakers, and developers.
  8. Cyber Ecosystem Grants. With a dedicate $2M worth of CYBER tokens, the program supports builders in growing a thriving social L2 ecosystem and accelerate the overall adoption of onchain social and web3.