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CyberWallet Overview

What is CyberWallet?

CyberWallet is an ERC-4337-compatible multi-chain smart contract wallet. As the userss all-in-one social account and wallet in web3, it enables a range of advanced features, including:

  • Sponsored Gas Costs: It provides users with the ability to pay for others' gas costs or delegate payment to a third party.
  • Account Recovery: To avoid losing your account in cases when the private key or seed phrase can't be recovered, account security can be distributed among trusted entities or devices.
  • Batch Transactions: Account abstraction makes it possible for users to make multiple calls within a single user operation, significantly improving the UX of web3 dApps.
  • Customizable Security: Users can set up flexible security rules like 2FA/MFA or biometric login to suit that needs.
  • Use Gas Across Chains: Use your gas credit on one blockchain to complete a transaction on another. Example: Pay for a transaction on Optimism with Matic and on Polygon with BNB.

CyberWallet Components

  • CyberWallet: An ERC-4337-compatible smart contract wallet.
  • CyberPaymaster: A smart contract service to enable flexible gas policies like gas sponsorship and across-chain gas payments.
  • CyberBundler: An ERC-4337 bundler service that accepts, bundles and submits UserOperations.

How to use CyberWallet

You can integrate CyberWallet using either the SDK or directly interact with our backend API.