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Social applications generate substantial amounts of data, yet not all of this data holds economic value worthy of being stored on-chain. Moreover, users of social dApps typically prefer to maintain their data privately and only share it with specific individuals on a need-to-know basis. Our solution, CyberDB, presents an innovative infrastructure designed to address these requirements, offering an open, secure, scalable, and Ethereum-compatible decentralized storage solution tailored to the needs of modern blockchain-based social networks.

Open Social Data Network

CyberDB comprises a modular gossip layer and a verifiable storage layer fortified with restaked ETH. Leveraging EigenLayer's three pillars of programmable trust—decentralized trust, economic trust, and Ethereum inclusion trust—CyberDB establishes a robust backbone. Ethereum validators have the option to participate in CyberDB AVS, providing redundancy and ensuring data availability. Furthermore, data is dispersed geographically across various nodes, with a slashing mechanism in place to uphold operational integrity and optimize performance.

Ethereum Compatibility

Conventional decentralized storage infrastructures often utilize distinct account systems or identifiers separate from the Ethereum account system, creating obstacles for users seeking to create, index, and pay for their stored data. One notable aspect of CyberDB is its compatibility with users' Ethereum accounts - be they Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) or Smart Contract Accounts - for data creation and management purposes. This integration extends to facilitating payment for stored data using token assets on Cyber L2.