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Stage 5 (Q1 2025)
Upgrade to Native AA

In the fifth stage, our primary objective is to drive mass adoption within the Cyber ecosystem by introducing a groundbreaking user experience (UX) overhaul. Through the transition to Native Account Abstraction (AA), users will witness significant enhancements in their interactions with the Cyber L2.

Seedless experience

With Native AA, users will gain access to a flexible authentication layer for their crypto accounts, eliminating the need to manage cumbersome seed phrases. Instead, they will enjoy a familiar Web2 UX, allowing for actions such as wallet purchases authenticated via a local device passkey, granting session key access to gaming accounts, or logging into social accounts using platforms like Gmail.

Gas delegation marketplace

Maintaining backward compatibility with ERC-4337 is paramount during the transition to the Native AA architecture. The existing ERC-4337 infrastructures, including various paymaster strategies and the gas fee delegation marketplace, can seamlessly integrate into the Cyber L2. This integration ensures users can benefit from a gasless experience within the Cyber ecosystem, ultimately reducing barriers to entry and enhancing overall user engagement.