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Stage 2 (Q3 2024)
Mainnet with EigenDA and Decentralized Verifier

In the second stage, our focus shifts towards delivering a production-grade Cyber L2. One of the primary objectives during this phase is to achieve data scaling by integrating Eigenlayer’s EigenDA. EigenDA offers a cost structure that is sublinear to Ethereum gas prices, ensuring significantly reduced costs compared to the current L2 solutions that use Ethereum-based data availability (DA), even after the launch of EIP-4844. This integration sets the stage for developers to create high-performance and scalable social decentralized applications (dApps).

Additionally, another key goal is the activation of the dual-stake model on our decentralized verification network to enhance the blockchain's security. The implementation of the dual-stake model is pivotal as it enables the network to bootstrap directly via the Ethereum restaking mechanism and aligns economic incentives with Cyber stakeholders. Henceforth, users can seamlessly contribute to the network and earn rewards by staking their Cyber tokens.