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OP Stack

The OP Stack is the standardized, shared, and open-source development stack that powers Optimism, maintained by the Optimism Collective. Cyber L2 is built on OP Stack with benefit of modularity and standardization. With that, builders can develop based on existing modules and exponentially speed up the growth of the ecosystem. Also, Cyber L2 customizes the Data Availability layer in this stack to reduce transaction costs significantly (details in the EigenDA section).

What's even more exciting is that in the future, the Superchain will merge the Optimism Mainnet and other OP Stack chains (e.g., OP, BASE, CYBER) into a single, unified network of OP Chains. The Superchain paradigm will shift the current landscape from a multi-chain architecture to a cross-chain architecture by developing infrastructures like shared sequencers and bridges. From a regular user's perspective, they can, for example, send transactions from any point in the ecosystem to another without network switching or bridging and perform complex transactions such as cross-chain flash loans. The vision of Superchain is that hundreds or thousands of OP-chains will be fully interoperable on Optimism and connected by the same technical fabric. User-owned social and identity data will be more interoperable and social experiences more seamless in the larger ecosystem.